Anti-social behaviour

There is no precise definition of antisocial behaviour. Broadly, it is acting in a way that causes or is likely to cause alarm or distress to one or more
people in another household. To be antisocial behaviour, the behaviour must be persistent. There may be a fine line between antisocial behaviour
and disputes between neighbours over relatively minor inconveniences, although these may, if persistent, become antisocial behaviour. Antisocial
behaviour can include, noise, rowdy behaviour such as shouting, swearing and fighting. Another is intimidation of neighbours and others through
threats or actual violence, harassment, including racial harassment or sectarian aggression.  Systematic bullying of children in public recreation
grounds, on the way to school or even on school grounds, if normal school disciplinary procedures do not stop the behaviour. The list is endless
and is something we need to take action against. Abusive behaviour aimed at causing distress or fear to certain people, for example, elderly or
disabled people is a prime example of anti-social behaviour anyone doing this is setting themselves up for a fall. Driving in an inconsiderate or
careless way, for example, drivers congregating in an area for racing, dumping rubbish, animal nuisance, include dog fouling, vandalism, property
damage and graffiti.  All of these are antisocial behaviour.

Feel you want to take action about antisocial behaviour? You should first try and establish who is responsible for that behaviour. It is also important
to establish whether the behaviour is deliberate or unintentional. What you do will depend on the type of behaviour you are complaining about and
on the result you want. You may, for example, want one or more of the following, to have the antisocial behaviour stopped or to get compensation
for any damage, loss or injury suffered. Most importantly get an apology. Let’s be quite honest here anti-social behaviour blights people's lives,
destroys families and ruins communities. We recognise that in order to provide a safe and comfortable town for both our businesses and
residents, we must be effective in tackling the causes of anti-social behaviour and the problems created by it. Antisocial behaviour can affect
people in many ways, from nuisance behaviour to feeling in danger. We are able to deal with reports of antisocial behaviour across Totton and
surrounding areas and all reports will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.  People often find it intimidating and may sometimes feel threatened
when large groups of youths gather in public spaces. You can report any sort of gang crime to the police here in Totton or call Crime stoppers.
Arson - including vehicle arson should be reported to the fire service (if the fire is still burning) or the police. However, we can investigate and take
action through our antisocial behaviour teams Totton Police have zero tolerance of this type of behaviour.

Vehicle nuisance including joyriding and noise nuisance - Can be reported to our antisocial behavioural teams or NFDC Environmental Health
depending on the type of noise. Neighbour Nuisance - We will work with partner agencies to investigate and tackle issues of nuisance neighbours
causing problems. Misuse of fireworks yes it goes on in Totton! - If there is an immediate danger please contact the Fire Service on 999. However,
we can investigate and take action through our local Police team.  The ACSO team based here in Totton are actively working against this problem.

Hate crime ugly words - but once again if there is an immediate danger to you or your property please contact the Police.  Fires on private property
or in public spaces should be reported to the Fire Service on 999. Out of control Smokey bonfires are common place on most housing estates
again inconsiderate behaviour and deemed anti social. Trespassing, people entering your property or gardens, cold calling, agents etc, difficult one
unfortunately as this is not strangely enough classified as a criminal offence, and there is little we or the Police can do. You can advise them to
leave or physically remove them but you should contact a solicitor and address this legally or if there is an immediate threat against you personally,
the Police on 999. Remember the law is on your side when it comes to protecting yourself or your property. If you are burgled you have the right to
use sufficient force to with strain that offender. To what level of force you have to use to protect yourself or your property is very much down to you.
But in recent test cases if you are threatened or your life is in danger and you are forced to defend with counter force- the law does stand firmly
with you. Government guidelines on these rulings can be researched online. Here is a very useful  website setting out good advice click this link to
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