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Everyone knows that the invention of the Internet has created a great place to do business, but sadly also a dangerous place if you’re not Internet
Take a look at this link > this is just some of the mind blowing nasty tricks that this super
highway of information has been used for. We all get the same spoof emails from big name companies like EBay, Tesco, Barclays Bank, and
others but increasingly these emails are becoming so convincing you think they are genuine. We suggest you look here>  our colleagues at the Metropolitan Police have put this advisory together which makes good

Cyber crime is on the up, make no mistake cyber criminals are at it 24\7 devising more ways to scam you, rob you and steal all you do. Beat the
scammers and go here to the biggest and best web site developed to combat hoaxes and scams.
This web site was developed by Brett M Christian in Australia to offer a never ending fire wall against the fraudsters in
cyber world. I emailed Brett and he has given permission to add this link to our website it is without question an invaluable asset to us and we thank
him for his excellent work.
Surfing the web I came across some good web links and I have listed these below, take time to have a look and see what goes on.

Web sites:

Until you are caught and at some point sadly everyone will be by one scam or another you cannot begin to understand the sickening feeling it
creates when you lose money, identity, property or dignity by the low life’s that crawl the web for the purpose of stealing from you.
Do not be a victim; do not fall into the clutches of the scammers of this world. Take time to read the links and information contained in the scam
pages. We will endeavour to develop and add to this as we get more and more information relating to cyber crimes.

Blog 23\02\2014

Business Watch Totton Development
We are pleased to announce that Business Watch Totton is shortly going to expand to cover the whole New Forest area. This initiative will form
part of a collective number of sites dedicated to each geographic location within the New Forest area. After consultation with Inspector Willoughby
of Hampshire Constabulary we will be shortly expanding our presence under the umbrella of a portal, which
will bring together all the related sites to one central location.

Our intention is to bring a much greater presence in both Internet based and joint Police operations to combat business crimes throughout the New
Forest areas. At this time we would like to extend our appreciation to Inspector Willoughby whose input has proven already to be invaluable in this
endeavour. It is also greatly appreciated the input and unrivalled support we have had from Officer Tristan Pugh who has helped us develop this
crime initiative this far so quickly. Our blue print for expansion involves a great deal of work from not only our Policing teams but the hundreds of
local business owners who we need to join us in numbers.

A very high profile press release and business to business campaign will launch this expansion in the coming weeks. Local business owners will
be able to meet the officers involved and the co-ordinator of this scheme in person during this campaign. Our information pages and links to other
very beneficial sites will expand rapidly over the coming weeks. The website and portal we are to create will be a central focus point for every
business in the New Forest. We are to explore the concept of having a major search engine on our home page; this would prove invaluable to all
businesses involved. Next time you are on the site please bookmark us and also send us feedback. A new feedback form we are creating will be
available shortly on the home page.

Business Watch New Forest will evolve into a much greater tool to combat business crime and between our Police teams and business owners
we will be able to make substantial inroads into crime prevention in the New Forest areas. These are without question exiting times for us at
Business Watch Totton, hard work reaps benefits please support our hard work by joining us today by going here on this site and completing the

As we continue to point out on a daily basis business crime affects everyone by some means at some point. Be it a premises burglary, theft, cyber
crime and even deception sadly it happens every day to someone. Schemes like this do have a profound impact on this type of crime and will
continue to do so. Our scheme at this time is funded privately and will continue to develop under our memberships input. We make no charges for
any information or assistance we give and for once we can prove that there is such a thing as a “free lunch” this is a “free lunch” with no catches.
Being part of it benefits you the business owner, give us your input, give us information to help our goals it is an important part of what we do.

We are about to launch on Twitter so please follow us every day for the latest information and assistance on local issues that may have an impact
up on your business. Or twitter feed is available by following @BWNFI (Business Watch New Forest Initiative) please do follow us and feed us
back information that may help us to combat crime related incidents. This will go live once we have established some changes to this website.
Again this is good news for you the business owners, we will be able to give you live up to the minute information and the BOLO (be on the lookout)
scheme will expand.
                                   “Together we can make a difference”

Blog 29\01\2014

Respect for Police Officers
From the standpoint of community policing, there is nothing worse to see than a member of the public hurling abuse at a police officer whilst in the
execution of his or her job. Those who read my blogs know firsthand that we as Business Watch Totton and myself as a Police volunteer actively
promote and support the positive side of policing. The essence of community policing is to build mutual trust in both the laws and the police officers
who put themselves on the line every single day to uphold said laws. If and when it works, the result is a “win-win” outcome for the police and the
community for sure, less crime and less trouble for the Police and harmony. It is definitely not a “them or us” situation as most feel towards the
Police, it is wrong full stop. Understand the positive side of Police work and you will view things differently.

Without detailing too much I experienced first- hand at grass roots level, professional police work, the protocols they are warranted to follow and
the compassion they show in dealing with very difficult cases. I was present at a tragedy on New Year’s Eve whereby there was loss of life. For
most of the night I was involved and as a police volunteer alongside colleagues from two police stations.

Iconsider myself privileged to see that side of Police work the public never get to see. I can tell you now if those who flout the law, those who
disrespect our police officers and those who do not understand Policing could have seen what I did, attitudes would change dramatically trust me.
Sure I am a huge supporter and promoter of community police work because I am involved but I am still a member of the public. Many forget that
police officers are the same as you and me, they have lives, families and feel the same pain and sorry we do. Communication and not being afraid
to talk, ask questions, get up close and personal with your police team changes your attitude. When you have an emergency that involves,
accidents, threat to life, domestic disputes, theft who do you turn too? When you need them they are there to help, that in my book commands
respect and understanding of what they do.

Police working with good people and schemes like ours, to build mutual trust and develop partnerships opposing the law breakers, combating
antisocial behaviour and all aspects of crime is a very positive move in my humble opinion. As every week passes we see more and more terrible
things happening in our world, tragedy, death, destruction to a level none of us have experienced here in the UK. Ask yourself why we can sleep
safely in our homes? Because you know if something goes wrong we can rely upon the police officers around the country to be there. All they ask
is that we show some respect for what they do and that is a very very small ask.

Blog 17\12\2013

It never ceases to amaze me just how much theft goes on around the New Forest area and the work that goes into solving and trying to resolve
these incidents. While I was collating the blue light news data tonight it identified one very obvious issue. People do not take adequate security
measures be it at home or place of work, until something happens it is in more than 90% of cases left to chance. I know how it feels to have tools
and equipment stolen it is quite frankly sickening.

We do not wish to alarm you but - recession means increased crime act now before you become another statistic on the Police files. If you are
concerned about security of your home, business and surroundings, give yourself total peace of mind by taking action now before it is too late.
Simple CCTV and good quality locks can deter the opportunist thieves; additional measures can also protect your world. Being observant and
reporting anything suspicious, via this website or direct to Crime Stoppers. In the New Year we plan to extend this watch scheme to include other
areas of the New Forest and to develop other ways of assisting our members and the public. I have bullet pointed some facts below please read
and digest.

Did you know?
• Properties without security measures in place are ten times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures such as
quality door locks.
• Garden tools that have not been secured maybe used by thieves to gain access to your property.
• Typical items stolen are bikes, power tools, lawnmowers, garden furniture or ornaments & sporting equipment.
• You are much less likely to be a victim of shed or garage theft if you take the easy but effective steps we suggest.

"The things you value so much do not have the same value to a thief, what takes years to collect can be lost and destroyed in seconds be clever
and take security measures now” At Business Watch Totton we see firsthand the crimes, the effects and the results of complacency take note
from what you see in blue light news section and do something about your security today. With the best will in the world, with blogs like this telling
you and advising some action, it comes down to you the individual to act. We have a lot of resources at our disposal call upon us to assist it is
what we are here for.

Blog 11\12\2013

Pretty short blog this time around with Christmas fast approaching and every day hustle and bustle and preparing for the big day I thought I would
close this year off with some thoughts.

I have just read an interesting article in the Salisbury Journal an interview with Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson. In the interview
he points out that many UK businesses fail to report crime against them. He urged people in business to report incidents rather than just accept
them and get on with life. In keeping with this comment it is becoming quite clear with our scheme people do not want to get too involved or take
matters to the Police. Let’s make no excuses business crime happens everyday, not just other towns but here in Totton. Just take a look at our
blue light news to prove that, crimes are going on all day every day against business.

What makes businesses accept crime against them? I sure have no definitive honest answer to give you but sure as eggs are eggs I know I
wouldn’t accept it. Maybe it’s because business owners fear the repercussions if offenders are named, shamed and prosecuted? At the end of the
day we all have to abide by the law, we have rules and we have ways to punish those who break those rules. Why not use them? Business Watch
Totton is here to help, we act in confidence and coupled with Crime Stoppers we offer a very safe and secure way of reporting business crime.
Affiliated with Hampshire Constabulary and run by yours truly a local Police volunteer based at Totton Police Station we are well placed to help
local businesses in crime prevention and advice on added security. Prevention is better than cure; join our scheme be part of something good for
the business community.  Do not be a statistic, do not accept crimes against your business, and do not allow the stigma of theft to ruin your lively

In closing something to ponder over your tea “You cannot change the people around you but you can change the people that you choose to be

To our Police officers everywhere, to our membership here at BWT I wish you all a very happy, safe and joyful Christmas and may 2014 bring you
peace, happiness and good fortune.

Blog 05\11\2013
Hacked email accounts
Like most of you our members at Business Watch Totton I run a local business, we have a very large Internet marketing portfolio with over 100
web sites. Collectively I use a some 25 email accounts some which (now down to 2 for the reason below) were on Yahoo UK Servers. In the past
week I have received emails from 4 of my associates Yahoo business email accounts - sent by hackers!  The emails contained a link which, had I
clicked it, would have done who knows what.

The hacking attack which was used to take control of my friends email accounts used security a vulnerability at Yahoo to copy an access cookie
that had been issued from Yahoo. This access cookie gave the hackers full access to the email account until the cookie expired. This attack did
require my friends to click on a link, either in a web­site or in an email. Contrary to what is reported in the press there still remains a huge security
vulnerability within Yahoo email facilities. What you should take away from this that has happened to me? Don’t click on suspicious links!  If you
have any doubts about a link in an email con­tact the sender to confirm its legitimacy.  If you don’t know where a link is going to send you then it is

Also keep in mind that the text of link may not reliably reflect the target.  If you mouse over a link your computer should show you the full URL (web
site address) where it will take you - if it is different or odd with digit or numeric odd signs do not click it! If you think you were the victim of this or
another email hack there are immediate steps I strongly rec­om­mend you take. Change your pass­word now, both in the Yahoo account and any­
where else you used the same pass­word.  Know this point, that the hackers had access to all you emails and they can Google your name, your
company name and email, or just guess other web­sites or accounts you might have logins with. I sug­gest using dif­ferent pass­words when pos­
sible, espe­cially for sen­si­tive logins like online banking and email.

Check your email account secu­rity set­tings to ensure they have not been changed. You wouldn’t want the hackers to gain access via a future lost
pass­word secu­rity question and then inform your con­tacts your account had been hacked and not to click on any links they may have received. 
You might have exposed them to the same hack and they may not realise they have been compromised. For your own protection I strongly
recommend a software programme called “Malware Bytes” which runs alongside your existing firewall and offers an additional protection against
“Malware” and hacking “Trojans”

Welcome to this weeks blog not much from me but from a colleague who has looked at what we are trying to do makes great reading please see
Business Watch Totton Analysis by Grant Brundle (Independent business consultant)

The Business Watch Totton program deters and detects potential crimes and diminishes opportunities for crime. “Making Totton a hostile place for
criminals to operate” makes the objectives very clear.

Crime Problems Addressed
This strategy reduces many types of crimes, including shoplifting, theft, burglary, purse snatching, and vandalism against and around businesses
within Totton. Just as in Neighbourhood Watch programs like this have led to a reduction of crime in residential areas, this strategy can reduce
crime against businesses as well as other crimes.

Key Components
Business Watch Totton primarily establishes links among small and large businesses, and between them and the police. Basically, Business
Watch Totton is local businesses (working also with community groups), taking systematic steps to reduce opportunities for crimes in and around
business locations. It includes training business personnel to be eyes and ears for the police. In being part of Business Watch Totton, crime
prevention police officers and business leaders assist business owners, operators, and employees in

  • reporting crime: effectively observing and reporting to police on crimes and suspicious activities that could lead to crime;
  • operation identification: marking all equipment, machines, etc., with traceable identification numbers for deterrence and tracing;
  • robbery prevention: eliminating "easy prey" crime opportunities;
  • burglary prevention: adding security measures to impede criminals, detect criminal activity, and communicate with the police; and
  • Self-protection: learning to recognize dangerous situations, and learning how to prevent, avoid, or flee them.

Business Watch Totton like most watch schemes has a business leader to act as the liaison between the businesses and the Police. One or
more police officers are usually assigned to be the point of contact with the Business Watch Totton liaison. Sometimes the businesses are linked
to each other and to the police through radio or Internet message systems in this case Business Watch Totton runs  an email and direct telephone
contact service. Sometimes it takes time to convince busy business owners that they can to a large degree control the incidence of crime in and
around their operation. It can be difficult to keep businesses active in Business Watch schemes like this one in Totton when the costs and threat of
crime have been reduced.

Many UK wide Constabularies have documented significant reductions in reported crime where Neighbourhood or Business Watch programs are
instituted. Being part of this programmed can reap huge benefits to your business. I think from an outsider giving an objective view what PSV John
Greenfield has achieved is outstanding given this particular watch scheme is only 6 months old!
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