Business watch coordinator

Statement from Business Watch PSV business liaison Totton
I am delighted to be associated with this Business Watch initiative here in Totton and I have the full support of our local police team. I believe that much can be
achieved in crime reduction through effective partnerships with our local business community being a big part of this initiative.

Every year crime costs UK businesses millions of pounds not only in actual losses, but also in expenses incurred as a result of the actual incident. In many cases
property is stolen, premises damaged and these losses whilst in most cases are insured result in heavier insurance premiums.

Crime is a risk to any business large or small this must be controlled as the implications can be far reaching. The security needs for any business will vary
tremendously, and the principle responsibility for the protection of those industrial premises lies with the owner.

There is no magic plan for successful security against business theft but constant vigilance is required to help combat crime. Business Watch Totton will in time
have a huge role to play in crime reduction. We need you our local business owners to play your part, become a member this is free and help us to help you.

Good crime intelligence is the key to detecting crime and arresting offenders. By giving each other this intelligence we can create an effective deterrent. As we work
hard to reduce crime in Totton, I feel sure initiatives such as Business Watch Totton will help towards creating an area where people and their property are safe and
where business can be grown without fear of crime. I am a local business owner and a police volunteer known as a PSV what does this mean?

PSVs are citizen volunteers who give their time freely to perform tasks which complement the duties performed by police officers and staff. This helps us free up
officers and staff to perform key operational duties.

Volunteer roles range from providing front counter services and administration to following up crime reports and incidents with members of the public, observer roles
and schemes such as this one. The volunteer roles provide significant benefits to the Police Service and to local communities.
Together we can make a difference
Business Watch TOTTON
Making Totton a hostile place for criminals to operate
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