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Blue Light News 26\10\2013-10-26
Theft From Motor Vehicles
11/10.  Nursling.  Over 90 secure Lorries have been broken into and all batteries and fuel cards stolen.
12/10.  Ealing.  A fuel card stolen from a secure lorry.
12/10.  Martin.  A car stereo stolen from a secure vehicle.
15/10.  Rownhams.  Stihl pole cutting tool stolen from rear of flatbed whilst workers were nearby.
17/10.  Hythe.  Catalytic convertor stolen from van in yard.
18/10.  Totton.  Attempted theft of catalytic convertor from van.
18/10.  Michelmersh.  Wallet left in vehicle whilst parked in lay-by.  Wallet stolen from vehicle.
19/10.  Lymington.  Catalytic convertor stolen from van.
22/10.  Fordingbridge.  Various power tools stolen from secure van.
22/10.  Plaitford.  Padlock to rear hatch of pick-up vehicle cut.  Two chainsaws stolen from within.
Off-Road Vehicles
06/10.  Holmsley.  Two motorcycles were seen on the closed campsite causing a nuisance.
12/10.  Fawley Inclosure.  Forestry Keeper spoke to youths on nuisance motorcycles.
14/10.  Fawley.  Report of motorcycles on the common spooking a horse and rider.
16/10.  Bisterne.  Report of BMW cutting across farm tracks and local lanes.
17/10.  Blackfield.  Two youths zooming around on off road motorbikes.
19/10.  Matley Wood.  Off-road motorbike seen by New Forest Keeper.  Rider issues with £50 ticket and Section 59 warning by Country Watch
Rural Arson
None reported this week.
Miscellaneous Offences
11/10.  Ashurst.  A barbed wire fence to land has been cut in several places.
16/10.  Fordingbridge.  Ring feeder rolled into middle of farm track overnight.
Rural Theft
10/10.  West Tytherley.  Over 15 metres of copper metal stolen from overhead power lines.
11/10.  Fawley.  Various power tools stolen from a secure container.
11/10.  Lymington.  A stone bird bath stolen from a rural premise.
11/10.  New Milton.  Various power tools stolen from a secure garage.
14/10.  Ringwood.  Various power tools stolen from a secure vehicle.
14/10.  Romsey.  Over £3000 worth of copper metal cable has been stolen from a secure yard.
14/10.  Romsey.  Over 400 budgerigars have been stolen from a breeder.  One male arrested and Police investigation ongoing.
15/10.  Nursling.  A Groundhog unit has been stolen from a secure farm premise.
14/10.  Ringwood.  Padlock levered off shed.  Tools stolen.
15/10.  Lyndhurst.  Padlock forced on cage and two gas canisters stolen.
16/10.  Totton.  Chain and padlock to gas store stolen.
16/10.  Harbridge.  Eight chickens stolen from rear garden of address.
16/10.  Lymington.  Padlock removed from equipment store shed.  Nil stolen.
16/10.  Braishfield.  Padlock removed from metal container.  Mower and rotavator stolen.
16/10.  Lockerley.  Approximately 1000 litres of heating oil siphoned from domestic storage tank.
16/10.  Nursling.  Stable block broken into.  Horse blankets, neck collars and feed stolen.
Fly Tipping
01/10.  Lords Oak.  A quantity of laurel cuttings dumped.
03/10.  Clay Hill.  Green waste dumped.
03/10.  Crockford.  A paddling pool, green fence panels, garden gate, garden waste bags, wood and cardboard dumped.
03/10.  Matley.  Bin bags dumped.
03/10.  Mill Lawn.  Green waste dumped.
04/10.  Holmsley Walk.  Double glazing units dumped.
04/10.  Ivy Wood.  A sofa dumped.
09/10.  Brockishill.  Leaflets and paper dumped.
10/10.  Brockishill.  Green waste dumped.
10/10.  Holmsley.  Green waste dumped.
10/10.  Holmsley Passage.  Household waste dumped.
10/10.  Pipers Wait.  Car seats and seat belts dumped.
21/10.  East Wellow.  Oak tree branches dumped on farm land.
21/10.  Yew Tree Bottom.  Double glazing and broken glass dumped.
22/10.  Lockerley.  Household rubbish and garden waste dumped on green area.
23/10.  Ower.  Household rubbish dumped in gateway of farm.  Enquiries ongoing.
Rural Arson
17/10.  Rockbourne.  Vauxhall Corsa van stolen from secure yard.  Found burnt out in Whitsbury.
Miscellaneous Offences
Nil reported this week.
Rural Theft
17/10.  Burley.  Outbuilding broken into.  Padlock removed, lawn mower and chainsaw stolen.
17/10.  Gorley.  Attempted theft of two Border Collie dogs from farm.  Offenders disturbed and ran off.
17/10.  North Baddesley.  Two males arrested for stealing metal from container.
18/10.  Bransgore.  Two outbuildings broken into.  Nil stolen.
18/10.  Dibden.  500 litres of transformer oil stolen.
20/10.  Bramshaw.  Padlocks forced to barn on rural premises.  Chainsaw stolen from within.
21/10.  Rockford.  Outbuilding broken into.  Strimmer and three pedal cycles stolen.
21/10.  Romsey.  Post driving attachment and tilt head stolen from digger.
21/10.  Sherfield English.  Three padlocks forced from three stables.  Cultivator, hedge trimmer and chain saw stolen.
22/10.  Hythe.  Two males disturbed whilst trying to steal lead flashing from roof.  Investigation ongoing.
22/10.  Holbury.  Padlock cut to gain entry to garden.  Entry gained to outbuilding.  Nil stolen.
22/10.  Burley.  Entry forced to outbuilding.  Nil stolen.
22/10.  New Milton.  Outbuilding broken into.  Lawn mower, strimmer and mountain bike stolen.
22/10.  Emery Down.  Land Rover 110 defender stolen.  Blue body with white roof.
22/10.  Lockerley.  Offender(s) drove across field, cut barbed wire fence, forced padlock to barn and stole strimmer.
23/10.  Totton.  Outbuildings broken into at two adjacent addresses.  Two strimmers stolen, together with power tools, guitar and air rifle.
23/10.  Hightown.  Three padlocks to three stable doors have been cut.  Nil stolen.
23/10.  Copythorne.  Outbuilding broken into.  Items stolen include copper boiling pot and brass and copper fittings..
Nil reported this week.
Vehicles of interest BOLO
M791YEM.  White Ford Transit Tipper.  Involved in incident where two males stole metal from container.  Two males arrested.

Blue Light News 12\10\2013-10-13
SNT officers in Totton have raided a ‘cannabis factory’ found at an address in Calmore.They executed a drugs warrant at an address in By the
Wood on the Calmore housing estate.Tactical entry found vast quantities of cannabis plants inside the house that had been converted to cultivate
them. Numerous growing tents, heating equipment along with ventilation and watering tanks were removed from the premises by the SNT at Totton
Police Station. In most cases we understand that “organised gangs” are likely behind this type of cannabis factory and stopping them is a never
ending battle. When in this case they used a rented property for the landlord it is very distressing, the properties in most cases are left in poor
condition, damaged and in need of capital investment to repair the damage caused.
In nearly all instances they attempt to by-pass the electricity meter making the property concerned a very dangerous hazard for all those living
nearby. The demand for electricity is easily picked up by the supplier, so this route attempts to avoid detection. However what most drug factory
builders fail to remember is excessive heat in a property will show on infrared cameras on Arial surveillance operations.
The police advise on this type of crime is as follows “There are a number of things to look out for which may indicate a house is being used to grow
• The curtains are always shut tightly
• Lights appear to be on all the time.
• No-one is seen during the daytime at the property and no one answers the door
• Nearby residents may notice power surges and the smell of cannabis
• Lots of large bags of soil will be brought into the property but no gardening will go on outside
As we see more and more of this type of incident occurring daily nationwide it highlights just how important vigilance is. If you have any of this going
on around your property you may call crime stoppers in the strictest of confidence or contact your local Police Station.

Theft from Motor Vehicles

02/10.  Romsey.  An Echo HCS260ES Hedge cutter was stolen from an insecure vehicle.

02/10.  Awbridge.  A Stihl MS170 chainsaw stolen from an insecure vehicle.

02/10.  Nursling.  Over £3000 worth of power tools stolen from a secure works vehicle.

02/10.  Ringwood.  A disabled badge stolen from a secure vehicle.

03/10.  Rownhams.  A Sat Nav stolen from a secure vehicle.

03/10.  Holbury.  Various items stolen from an insecure vehicle.

03/10.  Holbury.  Mechanic tools stolen from an insecure vehicle.

03/10.  Holbury.  A Sat Nav and various items stolen from an insecure vehicle.

04/10.  Spearywell.  A purse stolen from a secure vehicle.

04/10.  Romsey.  Commercial power tools stolen from a secure works vehicle.

04/10.  Hythe.  Various items stolen from a secure vehicle.

07/10.  Stanbridge.  A Stihl hedge strimmer, leaf blower and a chainsaw stolen from a secure vehicle.

08/10.  Avon.  A disc cutter and two nail guns stolen from a secure vehicle.

08/10.  Hythe.  Various items stolen from a secure vehicle.

09/10.  Bartley.  A baby changing bag stolen from a secure vehicle.

07/10.  New Milton. A metal Royal Mail post box stolen.

07/10.  Copythorne.  Various power tools stolen from a secure shed.

07/10.  Lymington.  A quantity of lead metal stolen from a roof.

Rural Rural Theft

02/10.  Romsey.  A Passload nail gun was stolen from outside a private property.

02/10.  Canada.  Various building materials stolen from a building site.

02/10.  West Wellow.  Plumbing materials stolen from a building site.

02/10.  Ower.  Padlocks cut off secure outbuildings, no entry gained.

02/10.  Ower.  Two reports of padlocks removed from secure sheds, nothing appears stolen.

02/10.  Bartley.  Thousands of pounds worth of Reptile and Aquatic goods stolen from a secure shed.

02/10.  Testwood.  A secure shed on allotment forced open and tools stolen.

02/10.  Ringwood.  A large quantity of copper metal stolen from overhead power lines.

02/10.  Ringwood.  Four saddle stones stolen.

03/10.  Holbury.  Several reports of secure garden sheds forced open with various items within stolen.

03/10.  Fordingbridge.  Eight saddle stones stolen.

03/10.  Beaulieu.  A set of Aluminium ramps stolen from a coach park.

04/10.  Blackfield.  A quantity of lead metal stolen from a roof.

04/10.  Upton.  Horse blankets stolen from an open field.

04/10.  Totton.  A secure allotment shed forced open and various items stolen.

04/10.  Ringwood.  Three saddle stones stolen but replaced with concrete alternatives…

04/10.  West Wellow.  A John Deere X155R sit-on lawn mower, a Honda petrol strimmer and a Bell cement mixer stolen from a secure garage.

05/10.  Totton.  8 Guinea pigs stolen from a rear garden.

05/10.  Lymington.  Two lawn mowers and a bicycle stolen from a secure shed.

05/10.  Cadnam.  A cement mixer and various tools stolen from a rural property under renovation.

05/10.  Totton.  10 vehicle batteries, 10 sets of 4 alloy wheels stolen from a secure garage.

06/10.  Lymington.  Two strimmers and a Stihl chainsaw stolen from an open barn.

06/10.  West Wellow.  A chainsaw and copper metal stolen from a secure garage.

06/10.  Chilworth.  Theft of wood from the conservation area.

06/10.  Romsey.  A KTM 300EXC off road motorcycle, index HX55 FMC has been stolen from a secure garage.

07/10.  Shootash.  Thousands of pounds worth of diesel, power tools, vehicle batteries and tools stolen from a secure yard.

07/10.  Lymington.  Two iron chairs stolen from a secure garden.

07/10.  Bransgore.  A brass nameplate stolen from a rural property.

07/10.  Lymington.  Three saddle stones stolen.

07/10.  Ringwood.  A metal Royal Mail post box stolen.


07/10.  Romsey.  Five Ideal Logic ES35 boilers worth £700 each were stolen from a rural development site.

07/10.  West Tytherley.  Septic tank stolen!

08/10.  Nursling.  Horse rug stolen from horse.

08/10.  Lymington.  An isolated secure barn broken into, nothing appears to have been taken.

08/10.  Avon.  Secure stables broken into, nothing appears to have been taken.

08/10.  Avon.  A power washer and golf set stolen from a secure garage.

08/10.  Ipers Bridge.  A quantity of lead metal stolen from a roof.

08/10.  Calmore.  Various power tools stolen from a secure shed on allotments.

09/10.  Lymington.  A petrol lawn mower and a quantity of frozen meat stolen from a secure garage.

09/10.  Totton.  A Honda generator stolen from a secure garage.

09/10.  Ringwood.  A cement mixer was stolen from an insecure rural garden.

09/10.  Brockenhurst.  A quantity of copper metal electricity cable stolen from over head poles.

09/10.  Ashurst.  A bird feeder stolen from a rural garden.

09/10.  Barton-On-Sea.  A Hayter Harrier 48 Pro stolen off a trailer.

10/10.  Ringwood.  Power tools and a chainsaw stolen from a secure garage.

10/10.  Ashurst.  Two gallons of petrol and cans stolen from a secure shed.

10/10.  Marchwood.  An anvil stolen from a private secluded garden.

Fly Tipping

None reported to Police.  Forestry Commission data not available this week due to annual leave.


02/10.  Romsey.  Two lads were caught poaching with ferrets on private land.

06/10.  Lockerley.  Two males were seen with long dogs hare coursing.

06/10.  Beaulieu.  Evidence of poaching on the estate.

08/10.  Lockerley.  Illegal lamping on private land.

Vehicles of interest

BOLO (Be on the lookout)

WN53 GWD a White Ford Transit panel van with three white male occupants.  Seen looking up private driveways and onto private land.

Off-Road Vehicles

03/10.  West Wellow.  A Quad bike got stuck in a bog. National Trust dealing.

06/10.  Lordswood.  Report of 6-7 motorcycles riding within the enclosure.

06/10.  Blackfield.  A yellow motorcycle has been causing a nuisance on the common.

Police at New Milton are appealing for information after a Samurai sword and electrical items were stolen in the burglary of an Ashley flat. Between
noon  on Saturday, September 21, and noon on Monday, September 24, someone broke a bedroom window of a ground floor flat, searched the
premises and left with £2,500 worth of the owner’s possessions.Included in the missing items is a 42-inch Paul Chen Samurai sword with a ray-
skin handle. Also taken were a 40-inch Samsung flat screen television and a 22-inch LG flat screen television and their remote controls. A
Blackberry Tablet, Sony HD camcorder, a Kodak pocket camera, Samsung digital camera, Phillips headphones and a memory card with martial
arts training footage also are missing. PC Graham Wilkins is leading the investigation. He said:“I need to hear from anyone who saw or heard
unusual activity or unfamiliar people in that area during the 48 hours in question. There would have been the noise of breaking glass, and the
intruder probably used a vehicle.“I am particularly interested in hearing from anyone who saw a suspicious vehicle in the area of Ashley Cross
Road or Ashtree Close and anyone who has been offered any of the items since the burglary.”

Theft From Motor Vehicle

26/09.  Pennington.  Stihl power tools stolen from a secure vehicle.

27/09.  Hillyfields.  Various power tools stolen from an insecure vehicle.

29/09.  Nursling.  Fuel cards stolen from secure Arctic Lorries. (Any information please contact Totton Police PC 3672 Pugh)

26/09.  New Milton.  High value chainsaws stolen from a secure shed.

26/09.  West Tytherley.  Various power tools stolen from secure outbuildings.

27/09.  Chewton Glen.  Saddle stones stolen.

27/09.  Milford-On-Sea.  Lead metal flashing stolen from roof.

27/09.  Everton.  Various items stolen from a secure shed.

29/09.  Hinton.  £500 worth of pumpkins stolen from a fruit farm.

29/09.  Lymington.  A 6hp diesel Yamaha outboard motor stolen.

30/09.  Burgate.  Two secure barns broken into, unknown at this time if anything has been stolen.

30/09.  Lymington.  Various items stolen from an open barn.

30/09.  Dibden Purlieu.  An outboard motor stolen from an insecure garage.

01/10.  Holbury.  A set of golf clubs stolen from a secure shed.

01/10.  Holbury.  A secure shed broken into, nothing believed stolen at this time.

Off-Road Vehicles

28/09.  Lordswood.  Report of motorcycles riding within the inclosure.

Fly Tipping

24/09.  Longdown.  Car Tyre dumped.

26/09.  Ashurst.  Gates removed off hinges, vehicle then drives into a private field and dumps a quantity of domestic waste.

26/09.  Sopley.  A quantity of rubble, tiles and plaster board dumped.

27/09.  Beaulieu Heath.  Green waste dumped.

30/09.  Everton.  Building waste dumped on private land.

30/09.  Holmsley.  Two car doors dumped.

30/09.  Wilverley Pit.  Builders rubble dumped.


29/09.  Somerley.  Two males have been caught poaching, Police investigation ongoing.

Vehicles of interest

M880 KPF a White Ford Transit flatbed has been seen in suspicious circumstances and is known to be used in rural crime, thank you for all your
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