Blue light news 28\09\2013 crime incidents
Theft From Motor Vehicles
·         13/09.  Puttlesbridge.  A handbag stolen from the boot of a secure vehicle.
·         14/09.  Lymington.  Cash stolen from a glove box in an insecure vehicle.
·         15/09.  Fordingbridge.  A handbag stolen from under passenger seat in a secure vehicle.
·         16/09.  Lymington.  Various tools stolen from a secure works vehicle.
·         18/09.  Fritham car park.  Handbag placed in boot of vehicle.  Handbag stolen from boot of vehicle.
·         11/09.  Chandlersford.  £12000 worth of construction equipment stolen from a secure premise.
Rural theft
·         12/09.  Totton.  Attempt break in to a commercial premises.
·         13/09.  Totton.  A male has been arrested and currently on Police bail for theft of roof lead.
·         13/09.  Linwood.  4 Large saddle stones stolen.
·         13/09.  Ashurst.  A quantity of lead stolen from a roof, the lead was later recovered by the roadside.
·         13/09.  Holbury.  Various garden tools stolen from a secure works vehicle.
·         13/09.  Ringwood.  Vegetables stolen from an allotment.
·         13/09.  Ringwood.  Two lawn mowers and a water trough stolen from an open field.
·         15/09.  Bransgore.  White goods stolen from a secure garage.
·         16/09.  Toothill.  A chicken coop stolen.
·         16/09.  Fordingbridge.  Various power tools and a ride on lawn mower stolen from a secure vehicle.
·         16/09.  Ringwood.  Vehicle batteries and scrap metal stolen from a secure yard.
·         16/09.  East Wellow.  Various items including a sit on lawnmower have been stolen from an insecure barn.
·         16/09.  Ringwood.  Various power tools stolen from a secure garage.
·         17/09.  East Wellow.  Several car batteries stolen from an open field.
·         17/09.  Lyndhurst.  A quantity of lead stolen from the cricket club roof.
·         18/09.  Ringwood.  Several outbuildings at allotments broken into.  Not known if anything stolen.

Off-Road Vehicles
·         12/09.  Dibden Enclosure.  3 Scrambler motorbikes have been seen causing a nuisance within the enclosure.
·         12/09.  Totton.  Youths seen on trials bikes in Testwood Copse.

Fly Tipping
·         13/09.  Hill Street.  Sofa and chairs dumped, NFDC dealing.
·         13/09.  Marchwood.  Domestic waste dumped, NFDC dealing.

·         18/09.  Fordingbridge.  Report of three youths exiting a vehicle with hoodies, small bags, torches and a lurcher dog.
·         18/09.  Shatterford car park.  Two males seen leaving Forestry Commission land, possibly using lights from vehicle for poaching.
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Making Totton a hostile place for criminals to operate
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